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StreamParty is a browser extension, that allows you to watch video streams in sync with your friends all across the world, on multiple services, right on their website.

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Why StreamParty?

StreamParty allows you to watch videos in sync with the people you love on YouTube, Netflix, DisneyPlus and Prime Video, almost like you are in the same room

  • Keep videos synchronized

    No more annoying manually keeping the videos in sync. StreamParty makes sure that the videos stay synchronized even with skipping or pausing. 3..2..1 no more!

  • Integrated chat & Video chat

    StreamParty has an integrated chat so you can message each other! In the premium tier there is an integrated video chat!

  • Easy to use

    StreamParty is easy to use and works on Chrome and Firefox. Create a party, send a link and let other people join your party

  • Works on your favorite sites

    StreamParty supports multiple providers and new ones are being added continously. Send us a message if you want us to support an additional one.

How Does It Work?

1. Go to a video on a supported service

Currently StreamParty supports YouTube, Netflix, DisneyPlus and Prime Video.

Netflix Screenshot
Creating the Party

2. Create a Party

Click the extension icon and start a party

3. Share the Link

3. Share the Link

Invite Link
Enjoy & Chat

4. Enjoy & Chat

Your videos will stay in sync and you can enjoy!

How much does it cost?

Every month you get 5 hours of hosting Parties for free, if you want to spend more time you can either buy additional hours or upgrade to Premium.

  • 5 hours a month included

  • Up to 3 people in a party

  • All services

  • Purchasable extra hours

  • Commercial use

$9/3mobilled quarterly
  • Everything in Free Tier

  • Unlimited time

  • Up to 6 people in a party

  • Video chat

  • Commercial use

Business Lite
$12/3mobilled quarterly
  • Everything in Premium Tier

  • Up to 50 people in a party

  • Videochat up to 6 people

  • Commercial use

Need extra hours but don't want to subscribe?

You can buy 10 extra hours for 2 €

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